The Boxref

The Boxref are a brutish race that don’t live very long and lack mental capacity. However, they are incredibly strong. They are troll like, and share many traits with their ancestors.

Scores: +4 Con, +2 Str, -2 int, -2 wis

Skills: +2 Athletics, +2 Intimidate

Size: Medium/Large

Speed: 7 squares

Vision: Low-Light Vision

Languages: Common, Giant

Troll Skin: You gain a +1 bonus to AC

Large Benefits: You gain proficiency with heavy armor and weapons.

Troll Blood: Once per day, you may use the troll blood power.

Troll Blood


Minor Action Personal

Effect: You gain regeneration 2 for 5 turns. This changes to regeneration 5 while bloodied. If you drop to 0 hit points, you regain 15 hit points at the start of your next turn, you are dazed until the end of that turn, and this power stops. This power stops functioning if you are hit with fire or acid damage.

Location: Crontiage

The Boxref

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