Renthoy's Adventuring shop

The local shop, currently run and owned by Meclosna. She is honest, and always tries to get the best prices for gear.


Hide Armor: 30 GP x3

Chainmail: 40 GP x3

Scale Armor: 45 GP x2

+1 Delver’s Armor: 700 GP x1

+1 Razor Armor: 600 GP x1

Light Shield: 5 GP x5

Heavy Shield: 10 GP x4

Battleaxe: 15 GP x2

Longsword: 15 GP x6

Dagger: 1 GP x20

Javelin: 5 GP x10

Bastard Sword: 30 GP x1

+1 Frost Weapon: 700 GP x1

Hand Crossbow: 25 GP x3

Bolts (20): 1 GP x5

Shortbow: 25 GP x3

Arrows (30): 1 GP x5

+1 Symbol of Life: 600 GP x1

Climber’s Kit: 2 GP x3

S.A.K.: 15 GP x10

Tent: 10 GP x4

Arcane Ritual Components: Varying GP, enough for about 5 rituals.

Chain (10ft.): 30 GP x3

Location: Nethral

Adventures: A Job for Meclosna

Renthoy's Adventuring shop

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