The lovely town of Nethral is one of the few towns that wasn’t hit by the massive world warp. This is a great place for adventurers just starting out. The finest ale is served at our local bar, Hovaster, and the inn has reasonable rates and warm beds. Come to Nethral for a grand time!

Places of interest: Hovaster

Renthoy’s Adventuring shop


Colten’s Stables

Market Square

Selinar’s Tower

Refugee Housing

Sewers of Nethral

The Outer Wall of Nethral

Abandoned Docks

Lair of Champions

Location of Nethral: First Rim

Continent: Crontiage

People of Interest: Collin, Colten, Crasheen, Ferolsna, Hovesthra, Meclosna, Mollin, Molthra, Selinar, and Ilsabore.


Polynethron Deenreka