Crontiage is an oddly shaped continent roughly the shape of a giant eye, with rivers flowing to and from the sea and the central mountain. From one end to the other is around 3,000 miles. Crontiage is a largely advanced civilization, and has airships and ships capable of going up the rivers of the central mountain. 8 main rivers and 1 super river divide the continent into 10 rims. A few additional races live here as well.

First Rim

Second Rim

Third Rim

Fourth Rim

Fifth Rim

Sixth Rim

Seventh Rim

Eighth Rim

Ninth Rim

Tenth Rim

Mount Mokanth

River Halerth

River Maketeth

River Polangth

River Tokandra

River Feragtal

River Hundry

River Ixodrone

River Megolan

Grand River Xenophosphic

Lake Mokanth

Great Sea

Time Orientation

World Spell


The Enkoxu

The Boxref


Polynethron Deenreka