Saving Ilsabore


Actual run date: September 5th, 2009 at 5pm. Continued on: September 19th, 2009 at 5pm.

Time since last adventure in game: about 1 week.

Part 1:

Kobolds led a daring night raid on the town of Nethral, stealing away the mayor. Our heroes quickly departed, hoping to rescue Ilsabore before the kobolds sacrificed her to Tiamat. Our heroes then entered the ruins of Marfajai. The few guards were quickly dispatched, then the characters entered the ritual chamber. At first it seemed like the might be outmatched by an overwhelming number of minions, but a few well placed attacks made short of them. With Ilsabore successfully rescued, our heroes were free to explore the rest of the ruins. A secret passage led them into a small chamber filled with dark, concealing mist that prevented them from seeing. Poison darts started immobilizing them, but the multiple rogues were able to de-activate the traps before too much harm was done. As the players moved forward, a few more guards were encountered, but they were dealt with quickly. After a bit of debate, our heroes went to the roof to ind more treasure. They found more treasure, but not until after some goblins were shoved off the roof. Current Status: Extended rest.

Players: Jason, Jamie, Matt, Harley, Kaila

Characters: Drow Rogue(Jason), Half-Elf Wizard(Jamie), Githyanki Artificer(Matt), Razorclaw Shifter Avenger(Harley), Eladrin Rogue(Harley), Tiefling Warlock(Kaila), Shifter Shaman(Kaila).

DM: David

Treasure: 182 GP per player, Eladrin Armor, +1 thundering weapon.

Experience: 405 per player.

Part 2:

Our heroes continued further, reaching the final room of the dungeon. There, they found a truly frighting sight: A young green, and 16 of his minions. They watched in horror as Do’arquin devoured his servant for failing him. At first, it appeared as though the dragon would take out the party, but the tides turned, as the arrogant Do’arquin refused help from his servants. As he fell, lightning claimed his body, leaving behind only a green nethron. After his defeat, his minions abandoned the fight. Our heroes quickly moved to the treasure chamber, finding vast piles of gold and magic items. As they turned to leave, an image of a new foe appeared: A gargatuan blue dragon, Tolmining. He had big plans in the area, but by killing the dragon, the heroes had ruined them. After a very terse conversation, the dragon broke off. Will he ever return? Upon our heroes return to Nethral, they discovered that the green nethron was able to fix the river.

Players: Kenny, Matt, Jamie, Harley, Kaila

Characters: Human Wizard(Kenny), Githyanki Artificer(Matt), Eladrin Rogue(Harley), Shifter Shaman(Kaila), Human Bard(Jamie), Half-Elf Wizard(Jamie).

Treasure: 184 GP per player, Magic +2 weapon, Magic +2 armor, +1 Dark Deed Armor

Experience: 700 XP per player.



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