A Job for Meclosna

Meclosna has missed a shipment lately, and hears tales of Orc raiders in the area. She wants you to investigate. The heroes bravely set out, an intrepid band of 6 adventurers. After a days hike and a good night’s rest, the heroes chanced upon the raiders. They quickly discovered a secret dungeon that the Orcs intended to loot and were drawn inside. The dungeon was full of many puzzles, and it took a while for our heroes to get in. Once inside, the exits locked behind them and they were forced to keep moving forward. At the end of the dungeon, a white dragon waited, dropped there by the World Spell. The party made short work of it, and managed to escape with only seconds to spare. The dragon had left behind a small white shard. When the heroes returned to Nethral, the town had aged 500 years. When the characters pulled out the shard, time rewove itself and the town returned to normal. What could this shard be? Are there more? And when will its true purpose be revealed?

Total exp: 600 per player

Total Gold: 125 per player

Players: Matt, Matt, Jamie, Harley, Kaila, David

Characters: Human Warlock (Matt), Githyanki Artificer (Matt), Goliath Warden (David), Half-Elf Wizard (Jamie), Shifter Shaman (Kaila), Eladrin Rouge (Harley).

Items: White Nethron, +1 Bloodthread Armor, +1 Lifedrinker Weapon, +1 Rod of Reaving, +1 Flaming Weapon.

Bonuses: Players in this adventure get a 5% discount at Renthoy’s Adventuring Shop.

DM: David




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